SDR looking for station staff positions. 18+ only

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We are looking for more staff as the station expands.

Assistant Station Manager
SO what does an assistant station manager do???
Assist with the day to day operation of the station. Plans, coordinates and executes a station’s services and programs. The assistant station manager must have effective personnel management skills and knowledge of most aspects of a broadcast operation. Assisting with presenters will also be part of the role/ recruiting and support.

Community manager and Discord Mod
Ability to develop and respond to the needs of the community, build bridges between gaming clans and other community's that would fit with SDR demographic also including Discord Moderator, all you need is to be an addict to Discord, you will have the power you need to satisfy your needs.

Music Director
Assists the program director in selecting new recordings as they are submitted by record companies for airplay.(ideal for someone who likes new music)

Social Media
What's your social skills like? if its Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Tik Tok, get in touch we want you.

Website copywriter
Assist in the submission of web copy for presenters, news, music reviews, pc games reviews and events.

If you are interested in any role please send an email to with job preference and a small bio as to what you would bring to us. (include some info about yourself and any previous experience you consider relevant) all positions are from home so applications accepted worldwide, all we ask is you are over 18.

If you got this far, thank you for reading, all applicants will receive a response.


Highly educated and musically adventurous DJ couple looking for a home for their radio show
BEATSVILLE. Your hosts Mad Daddy and Diabla cover the waterfront (garage, blues, jazz, avant
pop, classical, experimental) with their unique theme shows. Prepackaged for your convenience,
these two hours shows are made weekly in our studios here in the U.S. and are yours for the
asking. Write to if interested.

Or drop a message to BEATSVILLE on Facebook.


Beatsville Presents Louie's Limbo Lounge Vol 2 - Burlesque


Beatsville Presents Beatsville Bash Vol 2

How about starting your own thread rather than hijacking this one?

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We now have “rock mondays” if you can do a slot between 8:30 till midnight, send me a message.
any 2 hour slot not all night!
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BennyB here your Monday rock host. Come and join me if you love playing rock and metal and fancy presenting. Or check out the schedule for the rest of the week and the genres covered if you fancy something different.